CCSA Storyteller Scholarship

Upcoming Deadlines

Term Year Applications Open Deadline Award Notification
Summer 2024 Open Now 2/23/2024 3/4/2024

The CCSA Storyteller Scholarship encourages student participation in CCSA programs by offering a means for students to tell their own CCSA stories. The awardee is expected to provide CCSA quality writing and/or imagery. The deliverable product must be appropriate for the CCSA web site, although the student may propose alternative formats such as a blog or a YouTube© project.

Award Structure

  • One or more scholarships may be awarded for each CCSA program.
  • Maximum of $1,000 per individual award.
  • The awardee grants CCSA free use of the final project in whole or in part.
  • If delivering the project in an online format it must remain public and available for at least two years after the program end date or transfer ownership to CCSA.

Project Structure

The final project requirements for the scholarship are kept open in order to encourage creativity of expression. Your project must showcase your experience on a CCSA study abroad program, although the medium is your choice; image, web, video, interactive applications, print or other. Examples of past projects include :

  • blogging before, during (daily) and after the program following a coherent theme and incorporating excellent use of photography
  • YouTube daily VLogs with video of the destination country and course activities
  • High quality photo collection with captions
  • Podcasting with integration in SoundCloud and shared via social media
  • And many more... unique and creative ideas are encouraged!
Projects involving Pinterest, Tumblr or any other service with a login requirement are less likely to be accepted.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be enrolled in a CCSA program for academic credit
  • Be a full-time student at a CCSA member college or university, and
  • Complete the requirements outlined below by the published deadlines.
    1. An essay of 300 words in length that addresses the question:
      “What do I hope to gain from this CCSA experience?”
      Applications will be evaluated by how closely the student ties the content of his/her essay to the specific program for which he/she has applied
    2. A short statement (one paragraph) regarding the intended design of your project and how it will be delivered (made available) to CCSA
    3. A sample of past creative work to showcase your technical and creative ability. Very Important

Review Process

  • A top applicant and alternate will be selected for each program.
  • The amount of award will be based on the quality of the proposed project,.
  • CCSA reserves the right to make no awards for any program.

Award Process

  • An award letter will be sent via email to the top applicant and CCSA Campus Rep with deadline to confirm acceptance. The letter will state requirements and expectations.
  • Upon acceptance, the award will be made as a reduction in the final payment.
  • If the top applicant withdraws or becomes ineligible, the alternate will be offered the award.