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New York Experience

July 20, 2021 —July 31, 2021

New York City is American’s world city. Explore the Big Apple through a variety disciplines. See unique art. Hear music of the City. Learn the stories of those who build New York. Learn to tell your own story.

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Physical Expectations

New York is a walking city, so plan to do a lot of walking. We’ll get around via public transportation – the MTA. Come prepared for summer in New York City.

Program Package

  • Accommodations: Included.
  • Course-related activities and entrances fees
  • All course-related ground transportation
  • Additional cultural program excursions
  • Health and emergency evacuation insurance* (International Programs Only)
  • Program directors and staff on-site 24/7

CCSA Central Office

Contact Information

Stephen Farley - Applications

Robert Bedard - Payments

Robin Byerly - Travel

Independent Travel Required

Airfare and transportation from airport to check-in location (lodging site) are not included in the program. Students will be advised on the date, time and location to check-in with the program administrators. You are required to confirm your independent travel arrangements at least 30-days prior to the program start date. It is the responsibility of the student to familiarize themselves with their chosen airline’s booking and cancellation policies. A check-out date, time and location will be provided.


Not required for U.S. citizens. Non-U.S. citizens are responsible for obtaining a visa as needed.

Program Dates
July 20, 2021 —July 31, 2021

Base Price

Estimated Airfare
$0 - $0
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Enrollment Status: OPEN

Application Deadline
May 07, 2021
App Fee Currently $250
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Courses Offered

Art & Design / Photography

Photography in New York
Course Description: Learn foundational photographic techniques while exploring one of America's most vibrant cities and cultural epicenters. All levels of experience are welcome, from beginner to advance. Master basic camera controls and key principles of design while building an image portfolio at a personal skill level that reflects individual artistic goals. To develop an understanding of core design concepts, we'll view historic and contemporary photographs in magnificent museums such as Fotografiska New York and the Museum of Modern Art, and at world-leading contemporary photo galleries. We’ll explore the city’s richly diverse neighborhoods, taking photographs both at iconic New York landmarks as well as at off-the-beaten-path sites.
Prerequisite: None
WKU Course: ART 496 / 496G
Professor Laura Hartford | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Art & Design

Art Appreciation in New York
Course Description: New York City’s extraordinarily rich range of museums and galleries provides a unique opportunity for students of the visual arts to enrich their understanding of the function and meaning of art over time. By focusing on contemporary artists and comparing their current work with art from previous ages and different cultures, the interconnectedness of art through history will be emphasized. We will immerse ourselves in such amazing collections of art as the Metropolitan Museum, the Guggenheim and Modern Museum of Art, and we will sample the contemporary art on display in galleries throughout the city.

If you are a Eureka College student, this course counts for your Aesthetic Sensibility general education requirement.

Prerequisite: None
WKU Course: ART 100
Prof. Chris Wille | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Broadcasting & Media Studies / Communication / Art & Design / Literature

Digital Storytelling in New York City
Course Description: Everyone has a story to tell and in this class students will develop their own stories as they relate to the culture of New York City by creating photographic, audio and video projects. We will examine digital media as a tool for expressing personal and historical narratives. Your story will include iconic locations including the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, the memorial of the Twin Towers, Central Park, Little Italy, Harlem and Ellis Island. You're invited to take advantage of this opportunity to develop digital storytelling skills in the process of documenting narratives in New York.
Prerequisite: None
WKU Course: COMM 415
Dr. Ann Andaloro | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U, H, G


Exploring the Immigrant Experience through Literature in New York City
Course Description: Read poetry and prose from a diverse group of immigrant writers from the 19th to the 21st centuries, while sampling the cultural diversity of New York City! We will read works exploring the immigrant experience by Walt Whitman, Teju Cole, Jamaica Kincaid, Anzia Yezierska, and others, while exploring immigrant neighborhoods like Little Italy, Chinatown, Astoria and Queens, with their unique architecture, restaurants, parks, and cultural centers. We will delve into the history and symbolic importance of key sites for immigrants, such as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, while enriching our understanding of immigrant culture through the powerful writings of immigrant authors.
Prerequisite: Lower-division English course that requires at least one previous college-level English course
WKU Course: ENG 290
Dr. Kate Harlin | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U


Inside the Harlem Renaissance
Course Description: The Harlem Renaissance, also known as the "New Negro Movement,” spanned from the 1910s to the 1930s in New York City. During this golden age of Black artistic output, Harlem's significance coincided with the rise of prohibition clubs, speakeasies and decadent theatre revue shows. This course will explore Harlem Renaissance artists including figures such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Ma Rainey, and more. Walking tours, live performances, and visits to sites such as Harlem's Cotton Club, Apollo Theatre, the homes of Harlem's most famous artists, and famous restaurant Red Rooster Harlem will supplement readings, podcasts, and discussions.
Prerequisite: None
WKU Course: MUS 430
Dr. Daniel Parsley | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U


Exploring Professional Career Possibilities on Stage in the Big Apple
Course Description: Explore the life of a theatre artist in the world's best theatre town. This course is designed for you if you've wondered what it would be like living in New York City as a working theatre practitioner, in performing, playwriting, designing, directing, or producing. You will learn how to successfully live in the city and pursue your creative dreams. This course will include master classes with theatre professionals as well as sampling Broadway and Off-Broadway theatre, musical and dance productions, visits to some of the city’s great art museums, and taking in cultural events of all sorts.
WKU Course: THEA 499
Professor Corrie Danieley | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U


The Contemporary Theatre Scene in New York City
Course Description: As the center of American theater, where new plays and musicals are created, tested, and showcased and where the performing arts are celebrated, New York City is the ideal place to experience the creativity and vitality of the current theatre scene in America. Through sampling Broadway, Off-Broadway, and off-off Broadway productions, as well as through group walking tours of the theatre district and backstage tours, and by exploring the city as individuals, this class provides rich opportunities for understanding the unique spaces that the Big Apple provides for theatrical creativity.
Prerequisite: None
WKU Course: THEA 499
Prof. Ronald Shaw | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Theatre / Art & Design

City of Dreams: Exploring the Arts in New York
Course Description: New York is one of the most dynamic cities in the world, and home to unrivaled visual art, performance, and design. In this class you'll explore some of New York's famous sites, but you'll spend even more time discovering unique destinations and experiences that are off the beaten path. You'll see street art and the great masterworks, hear classical and contemporary world music, watch productions of cutting edge and classical outdoor theatre, and explore architecture and design on bridges and in skyscrapers. You'll experience first-hand how it feels, looks, and sounds as all the arts come together on the vibrant streets of New York!
Prerequisite: None
WKU Course: THEA 499
Dr. Carol J. Stewart | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U, H