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Belize Land and Sea

July 01, 2021 —July 14, 2021

Experience a tropical rainforest and coral reef just miles apart. Belize offers fascinating biological features that characterize these systems as you observe the interactions between humans and their environment. In the rainforest, see iguanas, howler monkeys and leaf cutter ants while gaining insight into the Mayan culture and its use of medicinal plants. On the coral reef, the longest in the Western Hemisphere, swim with brilliantly colored reef fish among the diverse assemblage of corals, sponges, and other invertebrates.

Program Package

  • Accommodations: Included.
  • Course-related activities and entrances fees
  • All course-related ground transportation
  • Additional cultural program excursions
  • Health and emergency evacuation insurance* (International Programs Only)
  • Program directors and staff on-site 24/7

CCSA Central Office

Contact Information

Stephen Farley - Applications

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Robert Bedard

Program Director

Robert Bedard Robert is a CCSA staff member.

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Not required for U.S. citizens for less than a 3-month stay. Non-U.S. citizens are responsible for obtaining a visa as needed.

Program Dates
July 01, 2021 —July 14, 2021

Base Price

Estimated Airfare
$450 - $650
(estimated additional cost based on recent airline prices)

Enrollment Status: OPEN

Application Deadline
May 07, 2021
App Fee Currently $250
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Courses Offered

Biology / Ecological Studies

Conservation & Sustainability in the Maya Forest of Belize
Course Description: The area that contains modern Belize has been a center of both biodiversity and human civilizations for over three thousand years. Here, the ancient Maya developed what was arguably the most technologically advanced civilization in the Americas, before most cities were abruptly abandoned in the 8th-9th century A.D. Today, Belize is the country with the world's largest percentage of protected national lands and is a leader in ecotourism centered in the rain forests and the Belize Barrier Reef. In this course, we will examine the challenges of sustainable human development, past and present, in the context of this vibrant ecosystem.
Prerequisite: None
WKU Course: BIOL 485
Dr. Zachary S. Taylor | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U