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Money While Abroad

Get out and explore the world!

Preparation before studying abroad

  • Inform your bank(s) about your travel plans, since the bank might cancel international transactions without notification.
  • Request information about possible fees, daily limits, and other pitfalls from your card issuers.
  • Before departure obtain at least $200 into local currency to pay for incidentals, such as snacks, for the first day or two.
  • Bring a mix: Plan to use a combination of cash, debit cards (for ATM withdrawal) and credit cards.

While studying abroad

  • Since charges might occur for each withdrawal, students should budget their expenses for the week, obtain the needed amount, and avoid withdrawing frequently.
  • Avoid carrying large amount of money.


  • Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
  • Banking hours: generally 9:30-4/5 on Monday-Friday, some open on Saturday
  • ATM: available everywhere, open 24/7
  • Tipping: is not expected


  • Currency: Belize Dollar (BZD)
  • Banking hours: generally 8-3 Monday-Friday, some remain open until 4. Some branches open on Saturday and closed on Sunday.
  • Exchange rate: 1 U.S dollar = 2 Belize dollar
  • ATM: available at banks, open 24/7
  • Tipping: is not expected

Ireland (Republic of Ireland)

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Banking hours: generally open from 9.00am to 4.00pm Mon-Fri, though some remain open until 5.00pm. All are closed at weekends.
  • ATM: available everywhere, open 24/7
  • Tipping: Restaurant with table service: 10-12.5% of the bill based on the quality of service. Some restaurant may already added “Service Charge” on the bill, which is considered as tip.

United Kingdom (Includes Northern Ireland)

  • Currency: Pound (GBP)
  • Banking hours: generally Monday-Friday 9:00-9:30 until 15:30 or 16:00, some remain open until 17:30; some branches open on Saturday 09.30 - 12.00
  • ATM: available everywhere, open 24/7
  • Tipping: is not expected