As we continue to navigate the complexity of international travel in the midst of COVID-19, we recognize there are many uncertainties and a heightened potential for travel disruptions that could impact student travel on our programs. To help mitigate financial concern and to provide our students and their families with options, CCSA designed this resource page with useful information for both our students and those who support students through the study abroad process. This resource page provides information about what to look for when researching trip insurance options so you can determine what is best for you.

All CCSA programs include international health insurance along with limited travel coverage. The travel portion covers things such as travel delays and cancellations (e.g., due to illness). It is in effect only during the on-site portion of the course and on travel days.

A popular option for peace of mind is “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) insurance, which enables an individual to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses paid before the program start date. This tends to be individual insurance and cannot be offered directly through CCSA.

Each plan is different but common elements include:

  • A specified window of time in which to purchase the CFAR after you make a payment for your program.
  • A cap on the amount that can be reimbursed.
  • A limit on the expenses that can be claimed.
  • An explanation of the claim process and requirements for proof of expense.
  • A stipulated window of time in which to submit a claim.

  • Useful articles and information:

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    Cancel for Any Reason is an Important Trip Insurance Option

    At the time this information was posted, the following companies were offering CFAR coverage*:

    Company Plan Benefit Estimated Premium Requirements Website
    AXA Platinum 75% $159 Must purchase insurance within 14 days of initial payment** AXA Travel Insurance
    CF Worldwide Trip Protector Plus 75% $287 Must purchase insurance within 21 days of initial payment** Worldwide Travel Insurance
    Travel Guard Preferred 50% $236 Must purchase insurance within 15 days of initial payment** Travel Guard Travel Insurance
    CISI Worldwide Trip Protector 75% Unknown Must purchase insurance within 21 days of initial payment** CISI Travel Insurance

    *The options and/or details listed here are not recommended nor endorsed by CCSA, rather they are a sampling of options available to you at the time this information was published.

    ** Please check with your preferred carrier for specific details. “Initial payment” refers to payment of the application fee. You will need to add to the policy following subsequents payments (i.e., first payment, and final payment) as you can insure only the amount you have actually paid. Details vary by carrier.

    What to look for:

  • What expenses are covered?
  • Is there a cap on reimbursement?
  • When must the policy be purchased?
  • When and how are claims to be submitted?
  • Is CFAR included or an added cost?