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Global Management: The London Model

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Dr. Karen Stock is an Associate Professor in the DeVille School of Business at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. She has taught full time at Walsh since 2010. She teaches courses in Ethics, Leadership, and Organizational Behavior at the undergraduate and graduate level and develops such curriculum with a global focus in mind. Prior to joining Walsh, Dr. Stock worked in product development, marketing, and international communications for global companies and incorporates this experience into her teaching. Dr. Stock earned a Doctor of Management degree from Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management and a Master of Arts in Management degree from Walsh University. She earned her undergraduate degree from Miami University, where she majored in Organizational Behavior and minored in International Business. As an undergraduate student she also studied in London. For that reason, she is particularly enthused to be able to share a similar experience with her students now. Dr. Stock has taught Global Management with CCSA in the London Winter programs in the past. She has a professional network of colleagues and business professionals in London and actively seeks to expand this network in order for students to be able to benefit from a variety of experiences during their time studying abroad. (More Info)

Dr. Karen Stock (More Info)

Global Management: The London Model


Program Dates:
December 26, 2018 - January 8, 2019

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
MGT 417

Business , Management , Organizational Behavior and Theory

Course Description:
Experience global management first-hand! Become immersed in all that London has to offer and experience the unique balance of old and new ways to conduct business. Experience cultural diversity that is present in London by visiting historical landmarks, established companies, and new development. All are designed to provide students with a well-rounded perspective of the global community of which they are a part. Students will be able to personally relate their experiences to organizational behavior concepts while visiting historic sites such as Bletchley Park, the Churchill War Rooms and Smithfield Market compared to modern-day organizations such as Selfridges, John Lewis, and Lloyd’s.

An introductory or survey course in business.

Physical Activity Requirements:
While public transportation will be used extensively, there will still be considerable walking (3-6 miles per day) required.

Course Highlights:
  1. Undergraduate business course in Organizational Behavior.
  2. Students will experience cultural diversity that is present in London by visiting historical landmarks, established companies, and new development to gain a well-rounded, global business perspective.
  3. Students will be able to personally relate their experiences and record them, seeing how organizational behavior concepts of leadership, change, decision making, motivation, teamwork, and performance are applied in a global context.
  4. Daily planned site visits, such as Fuller’s Brewery, Bank of England, Lloyd’s of London, the Churchill War Rooms, Selfridge’s, and Smithfield Market.