They Did What?! Science & Ethics in the UK & Ireland

Dr. G. Robert Shelton (More Info)

They Did What?! Science & Ethics in the UK & Ireland

Program Dates:
Dec 26, 2022 – Jan 8, 2023

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
CHEM 475

Chemistry , History , Philosophy

Course Description:

Science and medicine are driving forces advancing society in hopeful ways. But they also raise fears that good discoveries can sometimes be abused. In this class we will explore the darker side of science and consider the ethical dilemmas that confront scientists, physicians, and society as science and medicine have evolved. Sites where we will explore these issues include Fleming's Lab at St. Mary's Hospital London (drug discovery and testing), the Freud Museum in London (interpretive vs. empirical science), St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin (use of statistics), and Trinity College in Dublin (current ethical standards and practices).

With this course being a chemistry elective that many universities and colleges will count towards a minor, it is very appealing to those pursuing a Chemistry minor.

β€œThe UK & Ireland with its rich history and dubious science makes the perfect location to discuss and debate ethics in science.” Dr. Robert Shelton

One year of STEM courses

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