Great Britain: The Birthplace of Modern Geology

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England and Scotland have been the prime locations of the early, major discoveries that would create and define the natural sciences of geology and biology, between the periods mid-1700s to 1960s. Here, we will follow in the footsteps of the "fathers" of geology and biology, such as James Hutton, Mary Anning, Sir Richard Owen, Charles Darwin and many others, and see what led them to develop ideas such as deep time, evolution, plate tectonics, and discover the existence of extinct animals like dinosaurs.

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Great Britain: The Birthplace of Modern Geology

Program Dates:
June 6, 2022 - June 19, 2022

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WKU Course:
GEOL 103

Geology , Biology

Course Description:

Through the study of rocks and fossils, we now understand some of the fascinating history of our planet and the life upon it – but until surprisingly recently, this was not the case. The first geologists & paleontologists learned how to decipher our story in England & Scotland in the 18th and 19th centuries. Explore one of the greatest natural history museums in the world in London, then visit the home of Charles Darwin and dig for fossils along the Jurassic coast. Next, we’ll venture northwards to explore more sites central to the history of geology in picturesque Edinburgh and the rugged Scottish Highlands.


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