Castles and Cliffsides: Literature of the Emerald Isle

Prof. Bill Mullen (More Info)

Castles and Cliffsides: Literature of the Emerald Isle

Program Dates:
June 17, 2023 —July 03, 2023

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
ENGL 290 / ENG 399

Literature , English , Sociology , History

Course Description:
Gain an understanding of the rich historical and cultural background to Irish literature by experiencing the locales that have inspired Irish authors over the centuries, including ancient churches and castles, Ireland's beautiful and mystic landscape, and the historic pubs where iconic music still flourishes. From the Cliffs of Moher to the Giant's Causeway and from seaside villages to Dublin's vibrant urban culture, this class will focus on the sources of Irish literature and the magnificent range of ways that Irish authors have depicted the human condition in such literary genres as romanticism, mysticism, satire, Gothic and realism.


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