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December 26, 2022 —January 08, 2023
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Experience the holiday season in two unique cities. Divided not just by the Irish Sea, but by a long history of conquest & rebellion, as well as settlement & intermarriage, each city tells its own distinct story. Both are long-time seats of government, arts and business in their own countries with ties stretching out across the world.

The program begins with six nights in London, followed by air transfer to Dublin on January 2 for six more nights. Experience life in a major world city during Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve in London, followed by a slower pace of life in Dublin.

Included are several class-specific activities plus day trips (one in England and one in Ireland) to such locations as Bath, Canterbury Cathedral & Leeds Castle, Dover Castle, Stonehenge & Salisbury, or Stratford & Warwick Castle in England; and Glendalough in Ireland. Program participants reside in local hotels.

Participants are required to bring college/university ID cards, as proof of student status may be requested for activities booked with educational discounts.

The program base price includes the group flight from London to Dublin.

Program Package

  • Accommodations
  • Course-related activities and entrances fees
  • Additional cultural program excursions
  • Health and emergency evacuation insurance (International Programs Only)
  • On-Site Director's and staff on-site 24/7

While in London (Dec 27 – Jan 1), participants will reside at the 4-star Courthouse Hotel, located in central London within walking distance of transportation and many attractions. Nearby places of interest are the Royal Opera House, Selfridges, London Palladium, Covent Garden, Berwick Street Market, Soho Theatre, Chinatown and Bond Street designer boutiques. The hotel is just a 4-minute walk to Oxford Circus tube station.

While in Dublin (Jan 2 – 8) participants will stay at the Ashling Hotel. This 4-star property is located in close proximity to Phoenix Park, The Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Zoo, Temple Bar and more. The hotel is just a 3-minute walk to Heuston Station, where one can travel on the Luas (tram/light rail system) into and around Dublin.

Hotel accommodations are based primarily on double occupancy. Singles are available at an additional cost. A full breakfast buffet is provided daily.

CCSA Central Office

Contact Information

Kara Arvin - Applications

Nate Addington - Payments

Denise Knisely - Travel

Michael Hatton

On-Site Director

Michael Hatton Michael Hatton is the program head and an assistant professor in the Theatre & Dance Program at Northern Kentucky University. His courses focus on theatre history, race, and gender through dramatic literature and dramatic theory and criticism. Once a student on a CCSA program, he now regularly teaches and serves as program staff for CCSA programs.

Group or Individual Travel Allowed

Option One - Group Travel

Travel together with faculty, staff and other participants from your CCSA program with our group travel. CCSA will purchase a airline ticket from select U.S. cities on your behalf. The airline cost will be included in your final bill from CCSA. In addition to the flight, you will also receive transport to/from the accommodation in the destination city and the airport.

You can check our currently available departure cities on our departures page CCSA highly recommends this option for those new to international travel.

  • roundtrip air transportation from one of CCSA's designated U.S. departure cities.
  • roundtrip ground transportation between airport and the accommodation site.
  • CCSA faculty and staff to guide you through the immigration and customs process.

Option Two - Individual Travel

If you wish to make independent travel arrangements and depart from a city not listed or travel outside the program dates please choose INDEPENDENT TRAVEL from the selection below. You will book your own flights and arrange your own transportation to/from the airport and the accommodation site of the program. This is a great option for going early, staying late, or using airline miles to purchase tickets. We highly recommend participants not fly standby for these programs as a late arrival may negatively impact your grade.

Important Note for Independent Travelers: Please be aware that your check-in date may be up to 24 hours AFTER the program start date (program dates include travel time).

Check the CCSA website at for your scheduled date/time check-in.

* All prices are estimates based on prior programs. Final pricing will be published on the CCSA website by the first payment deadline.


Not required for U.S. citizens for less than a 3-month stay. Non-U.S. citizens are responsible for obtaining a visa as needed.

Program Dates
December 26, 2022 —January 08, 2023

Base Price

Estimated Airfare
$1,059 - $1,259
(estimated additional cost based on recent airline prices)

Payment Process
See our payments page
Enrollment Status: CLOSED

Regular Application Deadline
October 28, 2022
App Fee Currently $250

Courses Offered

Anthropology / Celtic Studies / History

Stone Sanctuaries & Bronze to Bog Bodies & Gold
Course Description:

This course delves into the ancient societies of Britain and Ireland, from the megalithic past through the Celts, and explores how their traditions survived invasions to form the foundation for 19th and early 20th century folk life. By visiting ancient sites, such as England’s Stonehenge, Avebury, and West Kennet Long Barrow, and Ireland’s Bru Na Boinne, as well as London's British Museum and Dublin's National Museum, students will gain firsthand experience of the ancient places and things that many know only from books and whose traditions were the foundations of life and culture in the British Isles.

“As someone who has traveled and lived in another country, reading descriptions or looking at photographs in a book cannot give the student any sort of understanding of what it really is like to learn about the lives of those whom we study with any sort of comprehension approaching that of firsthand experience. “ — Michael Simonton

Prerequisite: None
WKU Course: ANTH 366
Dr. Michael J Simonton | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Business Administration / International Business / Operations and Supply Chain Management

From Grain to Glass: Exploring Adult Beverage Industries in the UK & Ireland
Course Description:

This course explores all business aspects of the brewing, distilling, and wine-making markets in the United Kingdom. Beginning in London (home to English Dry Gin) and ending in Dublin (home to many major Irish Whisky brands), the class examines the many factors that affect the supply chain and business decision-making in the alcoholic beverage industry, including the environmental, political, regulatory, and economic aspects impacting this industry now. Visits are planned to distilleries and breweries, as well as suppliers and distributors, from which students will gain a comparative perspective on how the American and British adult beverage industries manage similar issues and challenges.

Many locations included in the course offer tastings that are voluntary.

"This class will utilize my International Business course experience, pair it with my background in Finance/Accounting/Teaching, and add in an industry that I am always looking to find out more about! London being the hub for international finance and being one of the most diverse cultures in the world, and being home to some of the world's most famous dry gins. Dublin is the 'official' headquarters for many US-based companies and providing a second opinion on European behaviors and business practices, and is home to much of Ireland's biggest names in beer and Irish Whisky." – Aaron Judd

Prerequisite: None
Prof. Aaron L. Judd | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Chemistry / History / Philosophy

They Did What?! Science & Ethics in the UK & Ireland
Course Description:

Science and medicine are driving forces advancing society in hopeful ways. But they also raise fears that good discoveries can sometimes be abused. In this class we will explore the darker side of science and consider the ethical dilemmas that confront scientists, physicians, and society as science and medicine have evolved. Sites where we will explore these issues include Fleming's Lab at St. Mary's Hospital London (drug discovery and testing), the Freud Museum in London (interpretive vs. empirical science), St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin (use of statistics), and Trinity College in Dublin (current ethical standards and practices).

With this course being a chemistry elective that many universities and colleges will count towards a minor, it is very appealing to those pursuing a Chemistry minor.

“The UK & Ireland with its rich history and dubious science makes the perfect location to discuss and debate ethics in science.” Dr. Robert Shelton

Prerequisite: One year of STEM courses
WKU Course: CHEM 475
Dr. G. Robert Shelton | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Creative Writing / English

Creative Writing in London & Dublin
Course Description:

In this intensive, multi-genre, creative writing workshop-based course, with Dublin and London as classrooms and the landscapes of Ireland and England as inspiration, you will be immersed in Irish and British literature, drama, visual arts, music, and culture. Explore the great cities of Dublin and London, from the chambers of St. Patrick's Cathedral to the Long Room of Trinity College, from the sound of the bells of Big Ben to the echoing tombs of Westminster Abbey, experiencing all that these historically and culturally rich places have to offer, all while broadening your imagination and fueling your creative writing.

Prerequisite: None
WKU Course: ENG 203
Prof. Julia Johnson | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Environmental Health / Public Health / Organizational Behavior & Theory / Occupational Safety

Exploring Risk Management Practices in London & Dublin
Course Description:

Students will develop a command of the risk management process, including risk identification, assessment, analysis and control. Expected learning experiences in London include Parliament, Churchill War Rooms and Imperial War and Transport museums and in Dublin include Jameson Distillery, Kilmainham Gaol, Christ Church Cathedral, Trinity College, Croke Park Stadium and the Guinness Storehouse. These sites provide a great lens for viewing how risk has been faced, understood and acted upon, each providing vivid and real insights to risk management practices both past and present. Comparisons of United States, British and Irish practices are emphasized throughout./p>

Prerequisite: None
WKU Course: ENV 475
Dr. David W. Wilbanks | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U / G

Health Care Administration / Public Health / Communication

Health Care Across the Pond and Beyond
Course Description:

In this course designed for future healthcare professionals and communication studies majors, you will enhance your understanding of features of the British and Irish healthcare systems and be able to compare and contrast them with the American model. By exploring such sites in London as the Florence Nightingale Museum, St. Thomas Hospital, and the Royal London Hospital Museum and sites in Dublin such as the Trinity College Book of Kells and Children’s Health Ireland at Krumlin, students will gain a multicultural perspective as well as a greater familiarity with healthcare system issues, enabling them to become more effective communicators. Students in Nursing programs will also be able to use the lessons learned in improve your employment opportunities.

“ This course will appeal to a variety of majors, including nursing, public health, healthcare administration, nonprofit leadership, occupational therapy, pre-med, communication, speech pathology/communication disorders, and more.” Dr. Jennifer Fairchild

Prerequisite: None
WKU Course: COMM 415 / COMM 145
Dr. Jennifer Fairchild and Ms. Krista Kimmel | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U
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