A Parent's Guide to Study Abroad

Selecting a study abroad program can be daunting. And often the family is part of that decision. CCSA is committed to providing students and their families with the information they need to make this important decision.

CCSA offers this Parent Guide to better inform parent and families about CCSA and how they can be a positive influence of their student's decision-making process.

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And as we approach the Summer 2023 programs, here is a video to show more about CCSA.

The CCSA Difference

The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad was formed to provide students from the Kentucky area with study abroad opportunities in English speaking regions. Programs are designed with first-time study abroad students in mind. With 42 years of experience sending students abroad CCSA is uniquely positioned to offer the safest and most diverse subject offerings to our member institutions and beyond. Read more about our history here.

Health & Safety

CCSA programs are designed with first time study abroad students in mind.

  • On-site Program Directors, Assistant Directors and Staff on hand 24/7 while the program is in process.
  • Low faculty and staff to student ratio.
  • Health and emergency evacuation insurance provided from CCSA as part of the program.
  • Dedicated support staff in the U.S. CCSA Central Office available to assist with planning, preparation, departure and any questions.
  • Group travel offered on all programs that includes round-trip transportation from select U.S. cities. From most locations CCSA faculty or staff accompany participants through the whole international transportation process.

What You Can Do as a Parent

Before choosing a program...

  • Help them choose a program that will enhance thier overall academic and professional development. Discuss the long-term objectives and how this helps them in achieving their life goals.
  • Assist them in finding financial resources. CCSA programs are part of the regular course offerings at member institutions, and therefore are eligible for any scholarships or financial aid that students would normally receive. Outside scholarships also exist.

Before departing the country...

  • Help them prepare to study abroad. CCSA provides all the logistics for departure, but there are still many items that participants must complete on their own. Obtaining a passport, obtaining a visa (if necessary), etc. Many CCSA programs will also have pre-departure course assignments from faculty.
  • Arrange (reasonable) times for contact. Internet access is available in most CCSA destinations, but unlike many U.S. locations can be quite inconsistent. Arrange for a reasonable amount of contact and understand that often no news is good news!

While your child is abroad...

  • Be available for contact. Be sure the amount of contact is reasonable (see above).
  • Keep an eye on social media for those awesome photos!

After the program ends...

  • Dealing with culture shock - Short term programs typically give students a chance to experience the flavor of the country or countries that they had the opportunity to visit, but rarely leads to very strong reverse culture shock. Some participants notice that feeling of something 'missing' or having a hard time relating to friends and sharing their experience. For you the parent we recommend:

Reach out to us

Reach out to the CCSA office. Get to know our faculty, staff and directors. For our contact information go to our team info page.