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In connection with your CCSA application, you must also take the following step at Northern Kentucky University in order to study abroad:

- Contact the Office of Education Abroad (OEA) for information on scholarships, the course registration process and pre-departure orientation. (Call the OEA at (859) 572-6908 or visit UC 305)

Note: Study Abroad Scholarships for Participants from NKU must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA in addition to the standard education abroad requirements to remain eligible.

If you have concerns regarding your eligibility, please contact the NKU Education Abroad Office prior to making your deposit for this program.

Also, a $35 study abroad fee will be billed to your NKU account which will appear on your bill during the study abroad term.

Please visit the Northern Kentucky University Study Abroad Website by clicking the logo here:


Campus Contact

Photo of Campus Rep

Michelle Melish
Assistant Director
Office of Education Abroad
UC 305
Highland Heights, Kentucky 41099
(859) 572-6194