Some of your Questions:

Q. Do I have to be from one of the CCSA schools to attend?

CCSA requires that each student earning credit attend an accredited US institution. Students from non-member schools will be registered for credit with CCSA's home institution of Western Kentucky University with the option to transfer the credit at the end of the program.

Q. Can I join a course without registering for credit?

Anyone under 26-years-of-age is required to participate for credit. Those 26 years of age or over may apply as a ‘non-credit participant' at the discretion of the CCSA Executive Director and will be bound by the Western Kentucky University student code of conduct.

Q. My parents are concerned about me studying abroad by myself. How can I speak with them about this?

CCSA programs are designed for first time study abroad students. We keep a low student to faculty ratio and provide assistance through on-site program directors, assistant directors, and R.A.s to provide 24/7 support to students while abroad. More information can be found in the Parents section of the CCSA website.

Q. Can I use financial aid?

Yes! CCSA programs are part of the regular course offerings of member institutions; therefore, students may apply for any student loans or grants for which they would normally have eligibility. The campus representative will assist students needing information about financial aid. The CCSA Central Office notifies financial aid offices at member institutions of program prices. It is imperative that students applying for financial aid apply well before the application deadline dates in order to facilitate the financial aid process.

Q. Are there any scholarships?

CCSA is a non-profit consortium of schools and therefore participants should speak with their local study abroad office for scholarship opportunities. More information can be found on the scholarships and financial aid page.

Q. What does the base price cover?

Items in the base price vary by program. Please see the individual program page for what each program includes. Please feel free to contact the CCSA staff with questions and be sure to check out our interactive cost calculator.

Q. Is there any fee in addition to the base cost?

Participants should verify if the base cost includes airfare. If airfare is not included in the program CCSA offers discounted group travel to/from select U.S. cities.

Some CCSA member schools may also charge tuition in addition to the base program fee. Many member institution, including Western Kentucky University, waive tuition for our programs.

Some schools may require a $100 transcript fee in addition to the program base price.

Q. Can I fly independently?

Yes, for most programs. Please choose “Independent Travel” on your CCSA application. CCSA will provide directions and a date/time for independent travelers to meet the program in the destination country. See our departures page for more details.

Q. Can I stay longer in the destination country? Will I be able to travel before, during or after the program?

You may choose to travel outside the program dates, however those wishing to go early or stay late must choose “Independent Travel” on their CCSA application and arrange their own airfare. CCSA cannot modify the group travel flights.

Q. When can I study abroad?

CCSA offers programs each winter (2 weeks) and summer (2 or 4 weeks). Summer location and dates may vary. Please see the individual program pages for more detail.

Q. Do I need a visa?

U.S. Citizens should check the US Dept of State Website (Link) for the country or countries they intend to visit. As of July 2017, a visa is issued to U.S. Citizens upon arrival in destinations such as The United Kingdom and Ireland. A visa is required before entry to Australia, and for U.S. citizens CCSA will automatically arrange a travel visa for Australia if on our group travel.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, you should immediately contact your home-country embassy in the United States, as well as the embassy or consulate of the country to which you are traveling, to ascertain which documents are needed to enter that country. You must also contact the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services ( to determine which documents are needed to re-enter the United States and whether your leaving the United States is likely to have an adverse effect upon your U.S. residence.

Q. What do I need to pack?

Once you have been approved please see the Participant Handbook attached to your CCSA application account.

Q. Can I apply for more than one program at the same time?

Participants are limited to 1 course/program during the winter programs. Those looking to study abroad during the summer session may apply for more than one program as long as they do not take place concurrently.

Q. When can I apply?

Applications for the next winter programs open around February. Applications for the summer programs open around the previous August.

Q. What happens if I get sick abroad?

CCSA provides medical insurance while abroad for all participants. CCSA program directors and assistant directors are available on-site to assist and care for students who become ill. We maintain excellent relationships with the local clinics, pharmacies and hospitals. If you have concerns please consult the CCSA medical advisor (contact for more information).

Q. Does the base price cover insurance?

The base price includes basic medical and evacuation insurance. Please see the full terms and conditions of the included insurance in the link included in your online application. All travelers are recommended to get additional trip insurance to cover pre-existing conditions and luggage.

Q. Are flights included in the base price?

Flights are included in select programs. Please see each individual program page for details of whether the flight is included.

Q. Do I need a certain GPA to apply?

CCSA, as a non-profit consortium of schools, adheres to the educations standards of the member institutions. Participants must be in ‘good academic' and 'good disciplinary' standing to attend. Non-consortium applicants must adhere to the Western Kentucky University education guidelines, code of conduct, and must have a 2.0 GPA to apply.