Trends and Issues in Nursing and Healthcare: Nightingale to Now

Dr. Tamara Robertson (More Info)

Trends and Issues in Nursing and Healthcare: Nightingale to Now

Program Dates:
July 17, 2022 - Aug 1, 2022

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:
NURS 317

Nursing , Healthcare Administration

Course Description:
This course focuses on both the historical and current practices of the British and American healthcare systems. Students will explore how different cultural influences affect health policies, leading to an analysis of the similarities and differences in British and American healthcare delivery, nursing, and medicine. Significance is given to the historical influences on the nursing profession and healthcare. The roles of health professionals in England and the United States will be compared and contrasted. Trends and issues of professional nursing and global healthcare perspectives will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on experiential learning, with visits to London hospitals, the Old St. Thomas Hospital, the Old Operating Theatre, the Florence Nightingale Museum, UK Parliament, and other healthcare institutions and museums.


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