Alumni Stories

At CCSA, we know study abroad is life-changing. Don’t just take our word for it. View first-hand accounts of what students are experiencing on CCSA programs!

Photo Name Program Description Links
Matthew Baker Matthew_Baker London Winter 17/18 Matthew shares his experience on his CCSA adventure.
Trey Burns Trey Burns Australia Winter 19/20 Trey created this wonderful slide-show to document his CCSA experience in Australia. Trey Burns Slideshow
Phoebe Cates Phoebe Cates London/Dublin Winter 19/20 Phoebe describes her experiences in London and Dublin and gives suggestions for travelers. Phoebe_Cates_London.mp3
Lori Day Lori Day London Mid-Summer 2022 Lori shares her experience on the London Mid-Summer 2022 program.
Natalie Hahn Natalie Hahn Scotland Summer 2019 Natalie describes her experiences in two CCSA programs and provides pictures for the Scotland Summer 2019 program.
Kaitlyn_Logsdon Kaitlynn Logsdon London Summer 2022 Kaitlynn sings the story of her summer 2022 journey with CCSA in London
Jennifer McMahon Jennifer McMahon London Summer 2017 Jennifer shares her travel experience with CCSA in London
Hannah Sells Hannah Sells London Winter 16/17 Hannah douments her travels with CCSA in London
Sam Stevens Sam Stevens London Winter 17/18 Sam shares his experience on his CCSA adventure.
Sam Stevens AJ Walters London Winter 17/18 AJ shares his experience on his CCSA adventure.